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Snowdonia Mountain biking trails

A cool day of 5 degrees and blue skies above, an adrenaline filled day out in Snowdonia on the mountain bike trails, winding between trees, beautiful waterfall views, and challenging fast downhills.

Excited for our visit to Coed y Brenin for the day, which was Britain's first purpose-built mountain biking centre and it is still one of the sport’s top destinations. Walking towards the main hub which sits lower than the surrounding landscape, the large conifer trees reaching up behind the main building with beautiful views over the forest.

With several mountain bike trails all starting from the visitor centre, we picked the adventurous blue trail to explore. The options for cycling, walking and running trails was impressive, there’s even a trail for young children and riders with disabilities.

Its the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels, pushing me forward with excitement.

Bags packed, and helmets on, we were off. It was an easy to follow route with signposts indicating the different trail and directions with coloured arrows. The ride starts of easy along the wide gravel path, which is then directed into the trees onto the more exciting biking trails of twisting routes between the trees, a few challenging short steep climbs and looped descents.

There are plenty of fun features along the trail to stop and explore, which include stone steps, table tops, berms and the occasional jumps within the trees

It was a beautiful ride along the rocky river towards the bridge and waterfall, a perfect place to stop for a rest, rehydration and a few snacks, with the sound of falling water on the rocks, wind in the trees and singing birds.

After a good session out, we decided to make use of the large picnic space with timber picnic tables and boulders sat in perfect sunshine for a mid-ride break. There were several friendly birds hopping around the rocks and in the bushes to admire while relaxing.

We bought a large coffee with oatmilk from the cafe, it was great to see that they had several vegetarian food options for sale, although they were mostly sandwiches and pies. We always carry our own easy to pack snacks for a firness day out, some of these include:

  • carrots and humus

  • nut and fruit bars

  • box of celery, peppers and cucumber

  • jar of spicy garlic pickle

  • crisps

  • can of sweetcorn

The cycling route was not only fun for the cycling but there were a few interesting items to view along the way, the Minotaur art features popping out of random places, and a few old buildings, structural walls and houses which are now unused with the greenery starting to take over.

By the of the day our legs and lungs were killing, but definitely worth it, even though it was a very cold day, we had layered up with thermals and warm socks,a s there's nothing worse than looking forward to a day outdoors and being too cold.

Other useful areas were the café selling a range of snacks, hot foods and coffees, the bike shop for all biking bits and accessories, large spaced toilets which are great when you have loads of bike gear with you and the forest gift shop.



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