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Welcome to my box of life where you can find a range of delicious recipes to experiment with, mostly plant based and mostly quick and simple to make with no complicated cooking methods. My aim is for food to be fun, delicious and nutritious for everyone to enjoy eating, learning and healthy living, all at the same time

Bridgette has completed an AfN certified Nutrition Course with Diet Specialist and The Health Sciences Academy. These certifications ensure that Bridgette is trained and educated to help advise and guide you through your nutrition program and hlp you reach your goals.
This training included:

Food and nutrients

  1. Proteins and amino acids

  2. Carbohydrates, simple and complex sugars

  3. Dietary fat and fatty acids

  4. Starches and fibre

  5. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

  6. Fluid intake including water, caffeine and alcohol. 

Healthy Eating and Obesity

  1. The energy balance

  2. Understanding and accelerating body metabolism

  3. Children’s diets and the eat well plate

  4. Vegetarian and vegan diets

  5. Different diets: GI, high protein, liquid diets and pH

  6. Religious diets

  7. Analysis of food labelling

  8. Health claims and marketing terminology

Influencing behavioural change

  1. Psychology of overeating and behavioural change

  2. The behavioural change cycle

  3. Tips on influencing change

  4. Food intake assessments

  5. Body measurements

Dietetic management of disease

  1. Diabetes

  2. Disorders of the stomach and colon

  3. Coronary Heart Disease

  4. Dyslipidemia

  5. Hypertension

  6. Osteoporosis

  7. Food allergies and intolerances

Her sudies have covered the three pillars of nutrition which include understanding food and nutrients, translating these concepts into healthy eating practices and then using this knowledge to effect change in others both on an individual and group level. 

This knowledge allows Bridgett to advise others in a range of settings including, a one-to-one basis, gyms, health shops, schools, and group sessions.

Certificate - Bridgette Macilwaine
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