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How to really clean your fruit & veg?

Less plastic, more chemicals and now what?

As most of you well know that I love to cook, and you could say I am food obsessed! What makes me truly happy is constantly trying new recipes, cooking for other people and hosting foodie events, so as you can imagine I buy quite a lot of fruit and vegetables in bulk, quite often, ready for a big cookery session! I have become more aware over the last few years to how much packaging everything is wrapped in (from only one household) which then goes straight into the bin...... and realising that 19 tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean every minute! (1). As this was quite disconcerting and obviously can not be ignored I decided I needed to make an effort to buy as much as I possibly could without all the unnecessary wrapping and extras.

A healthy outside starts from the inside, do you know how many chemicals you are ingesting?

How can we as a single person in this society make a difference to this ever growing plastic issue? Many people are choosing the option to buy less fruit and veg in wrapping and it's also good to see many of the supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Aldi are aiming at removing or banning as much plastic as possible (2).

This is great news right? Yes of course!

But then, there is a different question arising, with less plastic comes the concern with hygiene and pesticide residues, because obviously the food has come from the ground or trees or shrubs, which would been sprayed with some form of chemical, picked by people, transported across the country and then placed on shelves. People now have a growing concern relating to hygiene issues and bacteria, and advised by the NHS that “it is important to wash all fruit and vegetables before you eat them to ensure they are clean and safe to eat” (3) before cooking and consuming ……which most people do right?

The only issue with this, is that water alone only removes 50% of bacteria and pesticides and some people start to use general soap to wash certain veg and fruit, which is definitely not the best option, because many of these soaps and handwashes are packed with chemicals and additives, that we don’t necessarily want to be ingesting and causing harm to ourselves.

So what have I started doing then?

I have been looking into using a vegetable and fruit wash to ensure that I am happy that almost all the pesticide and bacterial nasties have been removed from foods as much as possible, but also making the right choice, so not to choose a product full of chemicals. This is where Forest Hog comes in!

Some products are hard to get a hold of, but not to worry, I have found an amazing natural, chemical free product, this Fruit and Veg Rinse (click here) from Forest Hog, which we use at home everyday to clean our fruit and vegetables:

✅ Safe to use

✅ Chemical free

✅ Smells great

✅ Non toxic

✅ Child friendly

This is a beautiful eco friendly company on a mission to change the mindset of the world to realise we can have these household products made with natural ingredients, and in this case, Fruit and Veg Rinse! All you need is a few drops in the sink with water to wash all your produce before storage, cooking or eating. Forest Hog also have refill stations in many shops across the country (UK only at the moment) so just take along your jar and fill it up!

Obviously there are other options to washing vegetables and fruit chemical free, these could include, singularly or mixed together: salt, vinegar or baking soda, but I feel some of these could affect the taste of the fruit or veg being washed, this is why I prefer to simply buy the Forest Hog product: its safe, easy to use and puts me at ease knowing my fruit and veg are clean and ready to go!

The best way to clean your fruit and vegetables, I always have 5 things on the go at the same time when im in the kitchen, so I need to be efficient when wash my produce, the best way I have found is filling a large bowl or sink with water, a few drop of the Forest Hog ‘Fruit & Veg rinse’ then add your produce to be cleaner to a strainer of sieve and dunk, swirl, swish and rinse, quick and easy, then lit dry, chop and cook!

Your body is a home your will live in forever. Take care of it

As I always have about 5 things on the go at one time when I'm in the kitchen, I need to be efficient when washing my produce, so for me, the best way to do this is by filling a large bowl or your sink with water, add a few drops of the Forest Hog ‘Fruit & Veg rinse’ then add your produce to a strainer or sieve and dunk, swirl, swish and rinse, quick and easy! Or for tougher dirt you could use a soft vegetable brush, then lift, dry, chop and cook!

Give it a go, I am sure you will love it, some customers have even said they have less gut irritability since using this product, great news! If you have used their products before, or are new to this product, comment below and let me know your thoughts?


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Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this article, nor are these affiliate links, I truly believe in sharing valuable information relating to health and wellness, and living a lifestyle that is not only good for our body and our minds, but also for the benefit of the planet and the ecosystem.


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