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Food prepping tips & tricks

Are you planning a garden picnic or bbq for a large group of people, but wanting to keep it simple and organised? These tips help with planning ahead for an easy way to food prep, pack and travel with them to your picnic location.

We quite often hold community food/social events at the Community Project, and the one issue was getting all the food and equipment to the location at the top of a hill! Luckily we have on site safe storage for serving bowls, chopping boards and cutlery.

It's alwasy good ot keep in mind how many people you intend to feed - because the easiest way to feed a large group of people is a table of options from where they can easily dish up, such as large bowls of veggies, salads and cooked skewars.

A great tip for food planning is to make any sauces, mixes, humus type sides the day before, store securely in jars and are easy to carry in any bag or packpack - like these jars of homemade creamy broad bean humus!

One of my favourite accessories are these light mesh food covering nets, great for outdoor events as we want to prevent flies, insects and cats getting to the food.

A few great food prepping ideas:

🔹 in a box chop and mix onion, red and green peppers, mushrooms and courgettes - marinate these with oil, mixed herbs, and garlic powder - easy to cook over the bbq as veggie skewars

🔹 in a box chop aubergine and marinate with paprika, black pepper, coriander powder and bbq sauce oil bbq spices and oil - easy to cook over the bbq as veggie skewars

🔹 third box chop and prepare halloumi pieces, mixed with a sweet chilli sauce - these can be cooked on their own or added to the others skewars to be cooked on the bbq

🔹 pre made sauces - guacamole, tomato paste, broad bean humus, spicy mayo mix

🔹 a box of dry salad mix - such as lettuce, rocket, spinach, grated courgette, herbs - easy to carry in a box but you want to keep this dry, or the salad mix can quickly turn soft soggy. Mix this with your preferred sauces in a large bowl once you have arrived and ready to serve

🔹box of sliced carrot and celery sticks with a tub of humus

🔹 box of apple slices and peanut butter tub - delicious and filling sweet and crunchy treat as dessert after the main meal

🔹 box of mixed nuts and raisins

🔹 jar of mixed seeds for topping salads

A few other useful items to keep a list of while food prepping or travelling with food items to an outdoor event:

🔹 chopping board, paper towel, cloth towel, large salad bowl, serving spoons, jar of mixed herbs, bin bag, food recycling box, apron, spare cutlery, flat serving plate



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