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London's social food networking event - Food Social

We all love eating, socializing and having fun - three interactions that will always make us happy! So, a few weeks ago, when I saw the Food Social event advertised through the HBC (Health Bloggers Community, thanks to Fab Giovanetti) I thought “Oh yes, this is the place I need to be.”

I'm grateful for that amazing opportunity to be a guest chef and speaker at London’s most prominent food network event – FOOD SOCIAL. This event was a great success and included a range of talks and food demos from entrepreneurs and industry leaders, panel discussions, and loads of free food! Thank you to everyone who attended, it was great to meet you all and hear some very interesting stories!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

As a woman in business and the founder of Hyper Health Nut, I feel it is important to help, inspire and encourage others to aim high, to reach for their goals and to succeed in life whether that be within food, fitness, wellness, coaching or setting up your own business. Therefore, I was happy share a food demo on summer veggie ideas by demonstrating my “Veggie aubergine burgers” (find the recipe here: if you want to give them a go). I was definitely very nervous to get up in front of a room full of people, watching and interested in my recipe (if anyone remembers this feeling from university presentations, it is not comfortable at all) but actually, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, sharing food ideas, opinions, answering questions and just having a good laugh. As it was only a short demo, I was able to talk through the ingredients, the processes involved and a chance to hand out tasters to the guests.

This incredible event was the perfect place to meet more than a 100 like-minded people within the health and wellness business, which included entrepreneurs, startups, chef’s, bloggers and foodies from all corners of the world. I met with many amazing and inspiring people who are just starting their business and others who are very successful and have been going for quite a few years already. Everyone has their preferences and created their niche, so it was great to see how they have/are turning what they enjoy into a business for themselves.

Thanks to the organisers - Alla Driksne (founder of Alla's Yummy Food) and Sofia Fominova (founder of Mealz - online recipe platform) for finding such a beautiful location for the day at The Flowerpot, Hoxton in London. Perfectly hidden down a small side street next to a canal and lively café, this space was beautifully open plan, naturally lit, with simple decorations, hanging plants, large potted plants and lots of comfortable seating. Alla, Sofia and their team arranged many delicious snacking tables for the guests, which was great to see a range of healthy food options on offer including veggie plates, humus bowls, nuts and fruit, and not just the usual cookies and crisps which are served at most events (although they are delicious and were thankfully available too) it was great to have such a range of snacks available.

The amazing thing about these types of events is that everyone is there to meet others and learn something new, and the one thing we should remember as human beings, is that there is always more to learn in life and one of the best ways is interacting with others, keeping an open mind and willingness to learn. I found this was the general vibe that day, and therefore it was very easy to have many meaningful conversations with everyone. As Ben Franklin once said:

“An investment in knowledge, always pays the best interest”

It was a full packed day of inspirational speakers, chefs, demos and a wide array of valuable advice from a range of entrepreneurs, these included:

(I suggest looking up these amazing entrepreneurs, influencers and the products they have created, as there is something for everyone’s interest!)

I am happy to help others and work together on reaching your goals or collaborating on new projects, so don’t hesitate to get in contact and have a chat! I believe that connecting people and networking is one of the best and fastest ways to share your ideas and meet a range of interesting people. If you love food, fitness and fun, do follow me on Instagram for more recipe ideas, event updates and fitness inspiration and tips, you will never get bored!

Then, lastly, but never forgotten, after all great events, there are exciting goodie bags to explore! One of the great takeaways from any event is receiving a free goodie bag, full of tasters, gifts, and new products to try, some of these from the day included:

Buywholefoodsonline --->








Alla’s yummy foods




Or contact me through my social accounts:

Lots of love,

Bridgette from Hyper Health Nut,

Dont forget to share, join and spread the love! 🙌

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