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Healthy eating tips while on vacation

So you’ve decided to go on vacation, and perhaps you’ve taken a look at some vacation rentals and booked your time away. Now what? Chances are you’ve also been on a bit of a diet, trying to eat healthy, as you wish feel good and look great while you’re away. But how do you stick with your health conscious routine while exploring and having fun?

Not to fear, more people than you realize worry about making healthier choices while on vacation, and it’s easier than you think!

A few simple tips is all you need to get your head in the right frame of mind before you shoot off across the world, follow the link below to the full article on Havingtime, there are many useful tips to help you on your travels, but here are a few starting points to get you thinking:

- Eating until you are full

- Include lots of fruit and veggies

- Using the kitchen in the apartment/villa you have booked

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