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London's Most Prominent Food Event

Hi everyone, I have some very exciting news! I am going to be the guest chef at the Food Social Event on 14th July 2019. This event will take place in London at Hoxton Flower Pot and I am super excited to be sharing with you all some delicious easy veggie food ideas (you can see some of my recipes on my website through the link in my bio).

Come and join over 100 other food lovers at FOOD SOCIAL, targeted at entrepreneurs, startups and food bloggers. This is a great community of like-minded people, that you don’t want to miss out on.

You can get your tickets here:

The event will have a number of experts in the field to shed some light on how we can define this ever growing sector. Hear from 6 different experts in the food industry and listen to their stories on how they made a name for themselves. Integrated with the content will be food demos and networking. You will also be able to meet me and ask any questions you have!

Look forward to seeing you at this exciting food event on 14th July 2019. Early Bird Tickets - Only 30 available.

Click here to book: See you there!

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