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Planting a Vegetable Garden

As I love cooking with many different vegetables for new recipes I am constantly running on shopping trips to top up my supplies! But everything you buy in the shops obviously comes from somewhere and some suppliers may use extra additives than necessary, or you hear stories about some companies adding colourants to attract more customers.

So I decided to plant my own vegetables the other day, in a small prepared strip in our garden all ready to be planted up. I did some research and made a list of the veggies suitable to be planted in July, then popped down to the garden shop and started searching for the little tray I needed, and once I found all the veggies I wanted, I also picked up a long plastic protective cover and a bag of suitable compost.

Once home I stretched out the plastic tunnel to measure the width and length as I wanted to plant my veggies completely within it so they can be kept covered and protected, then I read the instructions on each container as some need to be planted further apart than others. That was then all sorted and I dug small holes and mixed the compost in the soil and planted out all my tiny baby veggies.

They were then all happy and planted, and I gave them a good water and covered the planted patch with the tunnel for the evening. Now the next thing is just to give them lots of love and water and hope they all grow well in this lovely sunshine!

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