3 fruit marmalade


  • 1.5 medium lemons

  • 1.5 medium oranges

  • 1.5 medium grapefruit

  • 1 pint boiling water

  • 5 tbslp maple syrup


  1. Wash the fruit and cut into quarters and slice thinly

  2. Place the fruit in a large heatproof bowl

  3. Add boiling water and leave to stand overnight – this helps to extract the maximum amount of pectin from the fruit, which will give a better set and soften the skins

  4. Cook in a large pan on medium heat for 1½  hours

  5. Add syrup and stir until dissolved, cook on full for 20 mins until setting point reached, stirring every 5 minutes

  6. To test for setting put a tsp on cold saucer and allow to stand for 2 minutes then push the surface with a finger, if the skin wrinkles then the marmalade is ready, if not cook for a further 2 minutes then test again

  7. Spoon into jars and allow to cool, seal and label


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