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An assortment of free resources for people along their health journey to internal & external growth.

These delicious plant based recipe downloads, guides and templates will help you reach your goals, experience new flavours and grow your love of food & cooking!

Free recipe downloads


Chickpea & Cauliflower Curry

Quick to prepare, full on flavour & perfect for friends & family.

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Roasted Mediterranean salad

Filled with veggies, sauces, herbs & protein, it's the perfect lunch!


Chcocolate  nutty crunchies

Filled with nuts, dried fruits & chocolate. Dairy & gluten free!

Free classes


Grow your own spring onions at home

In this class you will learn how easy it is to grow your own fresh spring onions in your own kitchen window


The importance of veggies for breakfast

Valuable information to help you understand the connection between your breakfast & your body

Image by Chantal Garnier

Introduction to micronutrients

Learn the importance of this major group of nutrients your body needs to ensure efficient bodily processes

Free guides


Eating Real Food  Guide

A clear & supportive booklet to help guide you towards making the best health related choices

Image by Jonathan Borba

Making a sauce foundations

Learn the basic foundation to make any sauce and then adding extra options for flavour

Image by Nadine Primeau

Understanding fibre & your body

Filled with nuts, dried fruits & chocolate. Dairy & gluten free!jjjjjjjjj

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making sauerkraut

introduction to herbs

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