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Reconnecting with Food & Flavour

Learn to cook easy, delicious and healthy meals from your own kitchen with these amazing tips!


Mastering your mindset 

Making positive food related choices to help you feel your best & beat the guilt!

  • Holistic nutrition choices? 
  • What influences our decisions? 
  • Improving mental focus?
  • A strong mindset linked to happy lifestyle?
We have a choice to impact and control our quality of life!

All about food

Amazing plant based recipe ideas - packed with flavour, colour and full of goodness


Try this pesto pasta dish!

Quick to easy prepare, full on flavour, and packed with herbs, seeds and veggies.
This easy and delicious plant based meal is perfect when running short on time or meal prepping for the week!
Mix it all up, cook in one pan and enjoy!
See the full recipe here:
Or head to the full video with the amazing Fab Giovanetti, founder of
Creative Impact Co:

Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody


Looking for someone to help you learn to cook more plant based meals, teach online food classes or host a foodie event, then let's have a chat......

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